Your Children's Diet vs Your Diet

At Coachman we’ve recently started up a spring partner challenge. This challenge isn’t so much about a body transformation, as it is more of a lifestyle transformation. We’re trying to help our clients and members develop habits that will make them stronger, feel better, eat better, and improve their overall standard of living. We're trying to make sure we as adults are being healthy, so that we can teach our kids to be healthy. This will make our community, as a whole, a well rounded/healthier community!

At the beginning of the challenge I had a conversation with all the participants about their worst dietary habits. During this conversation I suggested a way to drop the bad habit and gave suggestions on good ones to replace it with. During all of these conversations the most common “bad habit” was the food they ate when around their kids. Several times I was told “I actually eat really well during the day! It’s when I get home and am around all the food that my kids eat that I have a problem”. Or “I work in a school and am constantly surrounded by sweet snacks and treats! They’re everywhere!”.

In these conversations I was able to offer ideas on how each individual might be able to avoid the sweet treats and maybe have something else available for themselves instead.

However, I wanted to address this issue on a slightly deeper level and go straight to what I’d consider the biggest issue here.

If the food items your children are consuming are the worst part of your diet, what makes them okay for your children? I am not a parent. I am not casting judgement here or calling anyone a bad parent or teacher by bringing this up. And usually the individuals taking most offense to this are usually the ones that are struggling with this the most. I’m simply asking a question that I think many don’t ask or even think about. I believe as a whole, society tends to think children have faster meta