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Brad has lived in the greater Grand Rapids area his entire life and has established extensive relationships in almost every industry, but mostly athletics and fitness.


Brad is a seasoned athletic club Trainer/Fitness Manager/Director and maintains certifications with Trainer/Fitness Manager/DirectorBrad is a seasoned athletic club National Academy of Sports Medicine(CPT, PES, CES), Parisi Speed School, TRX Functional Training Systems, Training For Warriors Training Systems, and Functional Movement Systems. 


Since 2003, he has coached in some fashion, from AAU, high school, and college, to coaching athletes and members at MVP Sports Clubs. Coaching is something that he loves. He has worked with all ages, skill levels and post rehab individuals to help reach their goals and get stronger. Brad states that everyone needs a little discipline, and it is his job to help them find that internal motivation to reach their goals.

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Courtney has always had a passion for sports. While attending Michigan State University, Courtney did her undergrad as an athletic trainer, working side by side with MSU football, rowing, & track and field. This is where she discovered her passion for fitness. Out of college, Courtney bought a gym membership and hired a personal trainer. From here, she put her passion for fitness to the real test. In 2016, Courtney did her first NPC body building show, where she took 2nd in novice, 2nd in true novice, and 1st in her open class. When Courtney isn’t in the gym, she enjoys shooting guns, snowboarding, cooking, decorating her house, and watching anything Michigan State related. Favorite quote she lives by? “Everyday is a good day, some days are just better than others.” 

-Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training from Michigan State University 
-Red cross certified in CPR & AED
-Training for warriors Level 2

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Brenna is a born and raised Yooper who decided to make her way to the mitten to pursue a clinical exercise science degree at Grand Valley State University. 


Growing up playing sports such as basketball, softball, and tennis made her passionate about fitness and athletic ability. Fitness has always been a huge part of her life and now she is excited to share that passion with others! 


While attending Grand Valley she completed her internship at Coachman and fell in love with the mission and community. She then completed a certification in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and officially became a coach. She loves meeting and getting to work with the young athletes, high school athletes, and adults. 


When she’s not coaching or training you can be sure she is playing with her chocolate lab puppy, Hank. 



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  • At a young age, Melissa was introduced to running with her dad and it sparked a desire to be physically active. All throughout high school she was involved in varsity sports which heightened that desire with the community and teamwork connection. Melissa has always had a desire to encourage others to achieve their best version of themselves, so she combined her love for others along with her love for fitness by opening her first fitness center out of high school; along with coaching Girls tennis at South Christian. 

  • Throughout the years she has gone on to teach group fitness classes including Spin, Boot Camp, Lift, Tabata, Yoga and many more. She has accumulated many certifications but continues to learn. She believes you can never stop growing physically or educationally. Adding to her list of accomplishments she has became a NASM certified personal trainer.

  • Melissa understands the importance of strength training and is passionate to show others why it's so important! Melissa feels blessed to be a part of others’ journeys and transformations as she is a firm believer that when you're physically healthy you are mentally and emotionally healthy as well. 

  • One of her favorite quotes is: “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend” – Abraham Lincoln



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Elly is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition/Lifestyle Coach at Coachman Training Systems.  She is married to Scott, and they live in Hudsonville with their four boys who range in age from 17 to 3.  All family members (except for the 3 year old) are Coachmen members, though the little fella has been known to make an appearance at the gym.  Elly has been involved in exercise since her early college years where she became ACE Certified and taught exercise classes in Rochester MN.  After completing her Masters in Nurse Anesthesia at the Mayo Clinic she practiced in the OR for 20 years, all the while raising a family of boys, training for marathons, pacing ½ marathons, and since 2012 has been personally trained and mentored by Brad.  Though loving her career in nurse anesthesia there was no doubt she always had a desire to get back into helping people learn how to become healthy before problems arise, rather than fixing them later on with surgery.  Finally in 2017, after the family welcomed their fourth son, she decided that working in the OR was not where her heart was.  After serious re-evaluation Elly followed her passion and completed her Personal Training and Nutrition Certification through NASM.  Helping people on the pro-active, preventative side of healthcare is where she really feels she can help make a difference in the lives of her clients.  Elly has been trainedherself by the best here at Coachman, and understands the needs, goals, and desires on the client side of training as well.  She has the background and expertise to help her clients with a combination of science and real-life compassion.  Elly wants to help you achieve your goals for a life well lived!  

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Nick Roman


Mel’s fitness career began with a love of swimming, soccer, and volleyball. She began swimming competitively at the age of 9 in St. Johns, MI and continued through high school, while also competing in soccer and volleyball. After graduating, she went to college at Ball State University where she focused on sprint freestyle and butterfly. Post-college, she started kickboxing in 2004 with the Ultimate Body Challenge program in Tampa, Florida. There, she underwent the certification to instruct and began coaching with them in 2005. The program consisted of kickboxing & band workouts as well as a diet program.


 In 2014, she began kickboxing at Tran’s Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Longmont, CO. Here, she was trained as a kickboxing instructor and completed Level 1 & 2 certification with the Tran’s Muay Thai Association. She is certified to teach kickboxing and beginner to intermediate Muay Thai. 


In 2015, a love of obstacle course races began. She trained for OCR, animal flow and general strength and ran her first Spartan race in April 2016 (Austin, TX).  She completed a 2X Trifecta in 2016 and 2017 and also qualified for and competed in the OCR World Championships.​



NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Tran’s Muay Thai Association Level I & II 

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Alyssa is a recent grad from GVSU with a bachelors degree in exercise science and a minor in psychology. She is also a National Academy of Sports Science Certified Personal Trainer!


She's an active individual that loved basketball in high school. During her college career, she fell in love with going to the gym. Alyssa loves working with athletes and helping them get faster and stronger!  She has a passion for helping others & loves seeing people succeed! 

When Alyssa isn’t at the gym, you can find her going to the beach (when it’s warm outside), hanging at the lake, or spending time with her child (aka a four-legged fur baby), her family and her friends! 

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During her husband’s Airforce deployments, Tara stumbled upon group fitness and to say it changed her life would be an understatement. After a couple years, a few more deployments, & a having a few more baby boys, Tara and her husband Chadwick made the decision to leave active-duty military and move back home to MI. 

In 2013, after having their 4th boy, she became Group Fitness Certified through AFAA. It has become her passion to motivate, inspire, and encourage everyone who comes to her classes. 

2020 revealed the limitations of groups which lead Tara to the joy of Personal Training and acquiring her NASM CPT. This new avenue gave Tara a renewed passion to push others to discover their true potential, and not only in a gym by lifting heavy weights, sprinting on an assault tread, or doing a burpee on the turf…but outside these gym walls too! 

You give her your time, your sweat, and commitment, makes it so there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together. 


Because the BEST thing about passion is…it’s contagious!



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Alex has had a passion for fitness since the moment he could pick up a dumbbell. That passion grew each off-season as he played collegiate football at Hope College (captain his senior year).  

After graduating from Hope College, he earned his certification in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Since then, he has earned more certifications through NASM along with becoming a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.


Leading by example, Alex regularly competes in powerlifting competitions. While competing, Alex has won multiple competitions in the Amateur American Powerlifting Federation (AAPF) in the 220 lb. class, including State, National, and World competitions. 


When he is not in the gym, you can find him watching any sports on television, spending time with his amazing wife Kate and their puppy Remi, and eating any food that Kate makes. 



-Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Business Management from Hope College




-Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

-Red Cross CPR/AED 

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Brady Vis

Brady is a graduate from Concordia University Ann Arbor with a bachelors degree in Sport and Entertainment Business. He has played sports his whole life (baseball, basketball, and football) and was a wide receiver on the football at CUAA during his 4 years there. 


He has always had a love for fitness and coaching. After graduating from CUAA, he earned his Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He loves working with athletes and seeing their success and growth in the weight room and on the field. 


In his free time he loves to watch sports, especially if Michigan is playing, fish, golf, and hang out with his fiancé Ally and friends. He also likes to go support his siblings and cousin’s during their games or tournaments. 


Favorite quote: “Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.” - Kobe Bryant 





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