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Brad Koetsier

Brad has lived in the greater Grand Rapids area his whole life and has established extensive relationships in almost every industry, but mostly athletics and fitness. Brad is a seasoned athletic club Trainer/Fitness Manager/Director and maintains certifications with National Academy of Sports Medicine(CPT, PES, CES), Parisi Speed School, TRX Functional Training Systems, Training For Warriors Training Systems, and Functional Movement Systems. Since 2003, he has coached in some fashion, from AAU, high school, and college, to coaching athletes and members at MVP Sports Clubs. Coaching is something that he loves. He has worked with all ages, skill levels and post rehab individuals to help reach their goals and get stronger. Brad states that everyone needs a little discipline, and it is his job to help them find that internal motivation to reach their goals.

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Melissa Agee

Mel’s fitness career began with a love for swimming, soccer and volleyball. She began swimming competitively at the age of 9 in St. Johns, MI and continued through high school, while also competing in soccer and volleyball. After graduating, she went to college at Ball State University where she focused on sprint freestyle and butterfly. 

Post college, she started kickboxing in 2004 with the Ultimate Body Challenge program in Tampa, Florida. There, she underwent the certification to instruct and began coaching with them in 2005. The program consisted of kickboxing & band workouts as well as a diet program. 

In 2014, she began kickboxing at Tran’s Marital Arts & Fitness Center in Longmont, CO. Here, she was trained as a kickboxing instructor and completed Level 1 & 2 certification with the Tran’s Muay Thai Association. She is certified to teach kickboxing and Beginner to Intermediate Muay Thai . 

In 2015, a love of obstacle course races began. She trained for OCR, animal flow and general strength and ran her first Spartan race in April 2016 (Austin, TX).  She completed a 2X Trifecta in 2016 and 2017 and also qualified for and competed in the OCR World Championships both years.  

Mel is looking forward to sharing her love of training and functional fitness to the CTS community! 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Tran’s Muay Thai Association Level I & II 

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Zeke Cardenas

Since he was young, sports and fitness was always a passion of Zeke's. Zeke has always enjoyed competitions in various sports. . He's been fortunate to play football at the collegiate and professional level. Zeke has15 years of experience in the fitness field and it drives him  to help others excel in their own personal fitness goals, to be the best version of themselves, and obtain their optimal health. When he's not training, you can find him doing outdoor activities with friends and family. Zeke loves training people to become better through the following modalities: 

Endurance Coaching

Metabolic Testing

Mixed Combat Arts

Personal Training

Small Group Training

Nutrition Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Large Group Training

Golf Strength/Conditioning


Zeke is certified through the following:






Also, Zeke holds his BS from Grand Valley State in Movement Science. 

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Jackie Slot

Jackie is a passionate trainer that exhibits leading by example. She has helped hundreds of clients over her 4 year tenure as a certified trainer. Jackie enjoys teaching group exercises and also teaching clients new moves to help them function better in a daily setting. Jackie holds certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPT and CES), TRX Functional Training Systems, Functional Movement Systems, Training for Warriors Training Systems and ISSA CPT. Jackie enjoys spending time in the gym, but loves to make health conscious meals while hanging out with her dog, Jake and fiancé, Mike. 

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