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Special Events - Movember/Brovember

Coachman Training Systems is linking itself with Movember, for the month of November. We're raising funds and awareness this Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives. We need your help. Listed below is how we plan on help raise awareness. Please consider joining us by clicking this link:

1. We will be running a month long challenge. The challenge is to do one of the following: Run 60 Miles, Walk 60 Miles or Row 60 Miles. The 60 is representing the 60 males we lose to suicide each hour of every day! Join our team and track your mileage over the month. 

2. For the Coachman Training Systems members that train, we would like to run a challenge to get 22 workouts in over the course of the month. 22 is the number of veterans we lose each day to suicide.  Can you workout 22 times in 30 days?! If you hit 22 workouts at Coachman Training or at your local gym, we will give you one month of online training for free, and/or 22% off our monthly membership rate for one month and/or a 22% discount on all coachman gear. But, you must check in on social media for tracking purposes. Join our team and track your workouts! For every workout you do with the Coachman team, we would love for you to check in on Facebook or Instagram and utilize these hashtags: #brovemberchallenge or #movemberatcoachmantraining  

3. Grow a sick stache over the course of the month. When people ask you what its for, you let them know why you're doing it! Movember is all about awareness and there isn't anything that will grab people's attention more than your dirty mustache. At the end of the month, take a selfie with your stache and the best one will win the choice of some free Coachman Training gear or a free month membership to Coachman Training Systems (or equivalent in personal training).   

4. We have a list of possible donations through our team site at If you match the designated donation, you will be able to complete the corresponding item. For example, if you donate $100, you can make one of our coaches at CTS  do something of your choice. Could be making Jackie do 100 burpees. We will record the item and post to our social media! This has to be workout related and can't take longer than 5 minutes! 

5. Try to complete our daily challenges with a 60 theme. We will be posting a new challenge, everyday, for you to complete. It could be 60 jumping jacks. Some days will be tough, some days will be easy. We will make sure to give modifications, if you are lacking equipment.  Look for them to be posted on Facebook and/or Instagram.

6. We will be hosting a donation only workout on November 30th! Donation will be required through our Movember site prior to attending. This is a team based workout. So get 5 people to join you for this workout. This workout will be from 5-7:30pm at Coachman Training Systems in Byron Center. The workout will last approximately 45 minutes. We will have snacks and drinks available for post workout! You can reserve your spot by clicking below!

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