Be Basic

Every week our training team sees a new client or existing member at Coachman and we hear the constant theme in regards to the individual’s lifestyle/workout structure/habits. The constant theme is the fact that they make it too complicated. "I think I am going to go Keto (does work for some), my friend Sally did it and lost 400lbs", "I think I am going to try this Green Tea cleanse that my friend George is selling, it is supposed to burn fat when you drink it", "I think I am going to lift my 5lb dumbbells and wear this fat slimming belt and get ripped like Kelly". These are all poo poo. Living our lives in a healthy fashion does not have to be complicated and NEEDS to be a lifestyle choice. Think to yourself next time you make a big decision, "can I do this for the rest of my life?". If the answer is no, then why invest the time and money into it? You should be able to enjoy your life, but in a healthy fashion. There is no better feeling than the feeling of feeling good about yourself and the way you feel. Basic steps is all you need. There are no magic pills, there are no special diets and there aren't any cleanses that will heal you of your lack of discipline. Here are some steps to help you become more basic.

1. Clean It Up!

Clean out your fridge, clean out your cupboards, clean out your office break room, and get RID of items that you know you shouldn’t eat. If it isn’t good for you, why keep it around? People love to have these items around and say “I wont eat them, they are for the kids” or “I will only have that item if I do X”. Why even tempt yourself? Why treat yourself like a dog? Getting a reward for hard work should be beneficial, not to take a step backwards. I have a client that used to train very hard and then immediately after the workout would go to Burger King and eat approximately 1,500 calories in food. WHY? The reasoning was because this individual busted their butt. Now, they didn’t gain weight while training, but they also didn’t lose weight and didn’t see the muscle growth we expected from the hard work put in. Stop eating out. Have some discipline. If you are going out to eat, choose wisely. Don’t get fried foods. Don’t have six beers and/or six pops with dinner. Ask for water. If you do drink an alcoholic beverage, match it with water. Choose a salad with protein on it. Can’t go wrong there.

2. Metabolic Rate – Figure it out!