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Beach Season....ehhh Spring Break Is Here!

With warm temps, in Michigan, creating a smile on everyone's face and just about everyone heading south for a little "break", we wanted to give you SEVEN tips to make things easier on your body when you get back. You know, because you still HAVE to workout when you get back from your vacation!

  1. On travel day, try doing 20 BW squats before the plane/car ride and at every rest stop if you’re driving. You can do these right in a bathroom stall or get the family involved. Keeping the body moving before sitting for long periods of time will keep the muscles loose and blood flowing for energy. Quad stretching/hip flexor stretching is KEY, as well.

  2. Limiting the unhealthier meals to only one per day, instead of the typical every meal during vacation is a given. Buy groceries for quick healthy meals to make, or at least pack the healthy snacks.

  3. Try staying in a 12 hour eating window and 12 hour fasting window to help control the number of calories you intake.

  4. Use your vacation as active recovery time. Maybe you try morning yoga on the beach or a walk/jog along the beach. You could go paddle boarding and hiking, just stay active! You may not get to the gym, but you could at least keep the body moving and recovering while away.

  5. All of you are trained enough and smart enough to know how this will affect your body and make it feel. Having an unhealthy week is not going to kill you, but a whole week of terrible choices will definitely set you back and not make you feel the greatest. Be wise! Keep getting 96 oz of water everyday and get veggies with every meal...celery in your Bloody Mary doesn't count.

  6. Keep an alarm set! It can be so easy to fall out of habit and sleep in/get lazy over long vacations. Then going back into work and your workouts the following week can be brutal. Although it is great to let your body rest, and to enjoy taking a break, keeping consistency is VERY important. Keep getting up in the morning and use that time to either workout or do something for your mental health, like reading, journaling, or walk during the sunrise. For most parents, this can be your only break time from the kids all day, so use it for yourself.

  7. Get TWO bodyweight workouts in while gone. JUST TWO! Do it before you start your hydrating for the day (cough, cough...) Get your phone out for time and do a little bodyweight workout on the beach:

Workout #1: Sprint/Body weight circuit challenge:

A1.) Sprint 30 sec x 3

A2.) Side lunge + forward lunge, 60 seconds x 3

A3.) Push ups, 60 seconds x 3

B1.) Sprint 25 seconds x 3

B2.) Body Wt. squats, 20 x 3

B3.) Dead bug, 20 x 3

C1.) Sprint 20 seconds x 3

C2.) Knee grab sit ups, 20 x 3

C3.) Squat jump, 20 x3

Workout #2: Body Weight Interval…..20 sec. on, 10 sec. off

4 rounds:

A1.) Body weight squat, 20 seconds

A2.) rest 10 seconds

4 rounds:

B1.) V ups, 20 seconds

B2.) rest 10 seconds

4 rounds:

C1.) Push Ups, 20 seconds

C2.) rest 10 seconds

4 rounds:

D1.) Split Squat Jumps or Jump Squats, 20 seconds

D2.) rest 10 seconds

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