Obsessed: Two Variations of Food Consumption

Over the past couple weeks I have had numerous conversations about nutrition, daily diet habits, things that people are doing well, places they get stuck and dietary habits that have become big weaknesses that trip them up. While listening and advising, I’ve also been doing a lot of self reflection and realizing that there are two types of people when it comes to nutrition and our diet!

Here are the thoughts I’ve been spending a lot of time sorting through and trying to make sense of. I believe we all have a relationship with food, after all, we need it to survive. Some people have a healthier relationship than others, but we all have one that can be healthier. I have yet to talk to anyone that has a perfectly healthy relationship with food. We’re human, none of us are perfect at anything. Here are the two sides I tend to see people on: 1) they are either out of control of what they eat and find saying no to things they will regret impossible. These people are mass consumers. They see food in front of them and usually finish it, but immediately regret it. 2) Completely controlled by what they don’t eat and can’t relax about how hungry they might be. These individuals are ok being hungry, though.

Both ends of the spectrum are unhealthy and don’t serve our bodies well.

For me personally it is very easy to stamp “I am very disciplined” on my unhealthy relationship with food. Don’t get my wrong I am not saying a healthy diet and the discipline to stick with it is bad. However, when there are moments where I am completely unable to enjoy myself because I’m obsessing over what I can and can’t eat, then it becomes a problem. For example, a couple weekends ago I was at my nephew's wedding. It was gorgeous and everything was perfect. Even the meal was, from what I was told, incredible. However, because I am so “disciplined”, I couldn't eat much. Nothing except the veggies was in my “diet plan”, so I ate broccoli for dinner and then was grumpy for a long time about how hungry I was. Truly felt miserable and not at all how I wanted to spend the evening celebrating my nephew and my new niece. I then regretted not eating more.