Shreddy Krueger: Nightmare on Fat Street

Coachman's month of February is converted to Shreduary and the challenge to rid our bodies of fat is now upon us, but what does it even mean to start shredding? A lot of you are probably thinking we will be stepping on a weight scale each week and recording those “results”....i.e. expecting the number you see to lower as these fat pounds start “dropping”. If this is the image in your head, get rid of it NOW. Not only is it inaccurate, but it’s complete garbage! The idea that weight loss, or your weight for that matter, has really any indication of your well-being and health has been a huge misconception and myth we’ve been bred to believe our entire lives. Stay with me on this folks...

Weight scales are honestly pointless.

If you’re confused and baffled by this, trust me, I know, it was a difficult concept for me to grasp and took a lot of mental recalibrating after years of self shaming and mental abuse from the scale to realize it. I was glued to those numbers on the scale as a teen, and worse, my self worth and health were wrapped up in them, too. At 5’8”, I was always 110 lbs (115 max) and I thought if that number ever got over 115, there was something wrong with me and I wasn’t going to look good. My weight was matching all those people plastered on magazines and social media out there, so I was good right?! I wasn’t out of shape and I must be healthy because that was a “low number”, right?! WRONG. So, wrong. I’m 141 lbs now, so is that “bad”?! Does that make me fat now, or out of shape, or unhealthy?! All of you reading this are smart enough to say no, and you need to understand this concept for your own well-being (trust me from my own experience, you will be better off emotionally and physically once you do!). The idea that we should be a certain weight, or never get over a certain pound number, is a very distorted thought process that is actually much more common than you realize. Our world of constant images and messages of what a healthy lean body should match, get distorted and misconstrued all the time.