Sugar, You're Going Down Swinging

Let me describe to you what I now understand to be a true addiction. It is this moment where every fiber in my body seems to be screaming for one particular thing. They typically come out of no where and the food I crave is typically something I didn’t even eat often before I started this whole process. For example, the other morning I’m at work and have recently finished the second half of my breakfast. So, theoretically I’m all set and shouldn’t need to eat anything again for roughly two hours. I’m standing, waiting for a client, when suddenly what almost feels like an electric current takes over my body, accompanied by a slight buzz in my head, and the sensation of little pins and needles pricking all over my body. In these moments it is actually sometimes hard to pinpoint what specific food item my body is screaming at me for, however, this morning I am pretty sure it was a peanut butter cookie. I can’t tell you the last time I ate a peanut butter cookie or even thought about one, but I swear at this moment I could smell them coming out of the oven. I have never experienced a strong need for a particular food, that resisting it results in what seems like physical pain.

The worst part of this craving is how they make me extremely edgy. I quickly lose all ability to deal with any other type of situation. I can’t thi