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New Goals, Now What?

2019 is here. If you read the coaches blog a few weeks ago, Rachel took us through the process of creating SMART goals. Goals we are excited and motivated to complete. So, you did that and now you have one or two goals you plan to achieve within a set amount of time. What do you do now?

Think of the journey to your goal like the road to a destination. You know the beginning and the end, but the middle is slightly unknown, and you know there may be bumps, turns, fuel, and rest stops along the way. Start by breaking down your journey into pit stops.

We will call these pit stops “action”.

  1. Name your goal – write it down – maybe one goes on the whiteboard at Coachman.

  2. Break it down into actions that need to happen over time in order to achieve your goal.

  3. Create a tracking system for the actions

  4. Set a time frame for goal and data review

  5. Ask someone to be your accountability partner and make a plan *together for accountability check ins (location, date, and time).

  6. Track your actions and incremental progress

  7. Review progress and adjust actions and goal as planned with your accountability partner

  8. Continue working for your goal

  9. Achieve your goal, celebrate in a meaningful way (maybe with your accountability partner)

Example for someone who is working on creating a habit of consistency with workouts:

Goal: I will sign up for class ahead of time and attend 85% of the time each month until I do so three months in a row without effort.


1. I will strength train three times per week

2. I will practice yoga once per week

3. I will walk the dog three times per week

Accountability Partner Check in:

  1. Come to meeting (phone, in person, email) with data sheets from the whole month

  2. Review data sheets with partner. Finds out achievement percentage rate is 90%. GREAT!

  3. Continue on with goal as written.

Your goal, tracking system, and accountability process does not have to be complex. For a long time, I tracked my actions on the weekly layout page of my planner. Now, they are on a chalkboard in my home office. It can be on a piece of paper on the fridge, a spreadsheet saved to your desktop… whatever works for you. I do best, if the actions are visible to me every day without having to open a file or a notebook.

Coachman Training’s 12-week physique challenge starts on the 7th. If creating your own accountability system, nutrition, workout, sleep, water plan is overwhelming. Spend the $50 on yourself and sign up and work towards your goals with a group of like-minded people. Sign up here:

I challenge you to set a time for 10 minutes, write down the actions you need to do to reach your goal, make a quick tracking sheet, and ask someone to check in with you every week/month/10 days on how your data is looking. Need an accountability partner? My email is The first question I will ask you is how you plan to celebrate your goal, be ready. You got this.

Happy 2019.

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