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Back Issues? Read This...Or Don't and Suffer!

I believe that I hear from clients, friends or a random individual I met while drinking adult beverages, about their back pain on a daily basis. It is a common theme these days with people sitting down more than ever for work, watching Netflix and/or while driving around town. The way everyone describes their pain is always slightly different, but they all seem to end up feeling like this happened:

While having a great chiropractor helps, having items to do at home to try and relieve the pain is crucial. Before I get into what has helped my clients in the past, know that these items won't work for everyone and I am not a doctor. I am a trainer, who lives in Byron Center, that enjoys helping others through movement. If you have a severe injury to your back, then these might not help, but if you are continually battling tightness around the spine, give these items a try. It will take some time away from your normal seated position, but you can do these WHILE watching TV. If your pain is consistent, go see the best Chiropractors I know at Train Out Pain Chiropractic or get with a good ART Certified Chiro in your area.


First, do you breathe correctly and can you do a bodyweight squat? Yes, breathing has a lot to do with getting our muscles to truly relax. There have been a few clients of mine that I have had them lay on their backs and breathe for 5 minutes, and their back stiffness is gone. Here is an item that COULD take you to the promise land, without getting into any stretching. Going through this breathing pattern before bed will also help you fall asleep faster. Click Here

Also, By getting into a deep squat like this very mobile female below, you'll know that your body is moving correctly and will help loosen up your ankles and hips. This will help alleviate some knee and low back pain.


Second, if the breathing didn't help, then here are some stretches to try. These stretches should be done while mastering the same breathing technique above. Click the links and watch on your phone/laptop/stream to your smart TV, to confirm you are following along correctly.

The first stretch to try would be the Elevated Pigeon Pose, which will help alleviate any tension around the outer hips, which could in turn help your pain in the lower back.

Second stretch is to release/stretch the adductors (groin muscles).

The Adductor with Rotation Stretch will allow your leg to externally rotate better and abduct away from the body easier. This will also help some tightness in the medial hamstrings, as well. The rotation in the stretch adds an extra stretch to that musculature.

Third stretch is a simple wall inversion.

Make sure your butt is still on the floor and if it isn't, you need to move back. This will allow your femurs to sink, hamstrings and calves to stretch, while you are BREATHING correctly.

The last stretch to work on was made popular by Kelly Starrett, who calls this the Super Couch Stretch. The couch stretch is one of the most effective stretches known to mankind. It truly has saved 43 lives in downtown Grand Rapids alone. It also might make you 5 inches taller, if done daily. Make sure you pay attention to what he says in the video. Take some time and let yourself breath through the stretch. If you can't breath, make the stretch a little easier on the front of the hip by sliding your opposite foot back.


Lastly, if you feel like some of these are helping, make sure you are combating your low back pain with strength work. Eventually we will dive into what exercises to add to develop stronger hips, so your back pain disappears (Do these to start). If you need further help here, I know of some great trainers you can hook up with...CLICK HERE!

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