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Routines...Do You Have Them and Are They Helping?

We, Jackie and Brad, believe our bodies are all made very complex and very unique. We believe each of

Jackie and Brad

us operates slightly differently. To set up a template or a list of steps to find the “best you”, the “healthiest you”, the “most spiritual you”, etc, would be considered foolish. We both have tried so many different things in the field of fitness and nutrition, that we know there isn't a secret to anything that works for everybody. Magic pills don't exist and instant gratfication doesn't exist when it comes to changing your body. The journey of being healthier, more fit, smarter, more spiritual or whatever it might be you want to improve on, looks completely different for every individual. Everyone has their own definition of these and routines are truly what matters the most.

With that being said, we still believe we can learn from each other. Not everything we do will work for another person, but some of it might. To find and develop the habits that work for us is an on going process. It’s trial and error. We read books, articles and blogs to try and find new routines and items to see if we can keep ahead of the trends. We listen to podcasts and see if the experts in the fitness fields are giving some solid recommendations that can help us and our clients. We give these ideas time and after awhile, if we feel that recommendation is pushing us to a particular goal, we will recommend it to others. Main thing is to make sure we are knowledgeable on items our clients might want to try for themselves, so that we can continue to make their lives more efficient. Continuing to make sure we are the strongest and healthiest versions of ourselves, is the most crucial piece to life.

What we are going to do is lay out what our days/routines tend to look like, the things we focus on and find important for us, individually. The things that keep us feeling good and move us in the right direction. Some of them are set in stone, some of them are still in the trial and error phase. Implementing new routines is what keeps this journey interesting and fun! Here is Jackie's list of habits and routines she utilizes, followed by Brad's. So, feel free to utilize what intrigues you and ignore the things that don’t. Read it, think about it, but maybe none of it is for you. If something intrigues you and you want more information before starting, we would love to help explain it more to help you make it one step closer to a goal!


Jackie's List:

Jackie Squat with Chains
  1. Intermittent Fasting. This is also fairly new for me (click here for the podcast). I started it about 4 weeks ago. I love it! The basic reason I decided to start intermittent fasting is because it is a healthy and controlled form of stress you can place on your body. Just like strength training, when you add small amounts of stress to your body at a time, it builds up tolerance. By exposing myself to controlled stress daily, it helps prepare me to better handle larger stressful situations I can’t always control. Not only that, but it also gives my gut a chance to rest and recover before it has to start disguising more food again. I currently do a 12 hour fast every night (8pm-8am). The amount of time depends on the person. Some people do 10 hours, some do 16. So far, 12 has been good for me. It also has created a different relationship between me and food. I don’t feel as controlled by hunger. Instead, I am learning to work through it and eat when I need to, not every time I want to.

  2. Every morning, I wake up at 4am (except Saturday and Sunday). I read every morning for 30-45 minutes and usually write in my journal. This allows my creative juices to flow and my soul to connect. I have found that this gives me perspective, as I step into my day. What I read changes, whether it is a devotion, bible study book or the Bible. I then dive into making my coffee. I wait around 90 minutes after I wake up to have coffee. (why? send me a message here).

  3. Sleep. I believe sleep is vital. Without the proper amount of sleep I simply do not function. My body type, mostly mesomorph, requires and lot of sleep. 7 hours being the minimum I can get away with. Given the opportunity 8-8.5 hours a sleep is wonderful for me. However, I have also learned that the amount of time I spend in my bed doesn’t matter as much as the quality of sleep I get at night. So I’ve implemented habits to help promote quality sleep. Shawn Stevenson wrote a book called Sleep Smarter. I listened to a podcast where Jay Ferrugia interivews him (Podcast is here) about his book and to be honest my mind was blown. I haven’t been able to add in everything suggested, but I do have my phone set to turn off the blue light every night at 8pm, I don’t watch T.V. at night before bed and I try to stay off my computer/phone for 45 to 30 minutes before going to bed. I keep the temperature in my room cooler, as well.

  4. Nutrition. My diet is always changing. I believe there isn’t one right diet for everybody. So I’m always trying things to see if they work better for me or not. However, no matter how you divide up your macros, how many meals you eat a day, if you fast for a period of time or not. The one thing I do believe works best and is best for everybody across the board is eating whole, unprocessed foods. I don’t care who you are, the more processed sugar you can cut out of your diet, the better. Eat as many veggies as you can. Try avoiding anything in a package with more than a few ingredients in it. If you start there and can begin to figure that out you’re on the best path you can be on. All the other details will follow.

  5. Workouts. The most important aspect of my workout is my workout partner. I hate working out

alone. I will do it, but I hate working out alone. I need someone pushing me and working out with me. It keeps me honest about my workouts and forces me to give it my best every time. I love working out with people who are stronger than me. It makes me feel like I always have to be pushing myself harder. I workout 5-6 day a week, with one of those days being dedicated mostly to cardio. I don’t always workout at the same time of day, just when it fits in. I do enjoy working out earlier in the day instead of later. The days I do not get a workout in, I am usually going for longer walks with Jake(which is next).

  1. My Dog and my relationships. I honestly believe my Dog contributes to my health. I have to walk him everyday. He has a lot of energy and requires a good amount of attention. He keeps me moving, but is also a big stress reliever in my life. My Relationships mean everything to me. The people in my life that are closest to me, help me stay healthy. I surround myself with people who are going to push my physically, but I also find the people who challenge me mentally to be vital.


Brad's List:

Brad Training Joe
  1. I have a few routines that have helped me over the years, but I would say these have stuck. I would say Jackie is a little more regimented than me, though. The first routine I have is waking up at 4:20am almost every morning (except Saturday and Sunday). I wake up at that time and feel amazing, no matter the time I went to bed. I go for a 10pm shut down, but sometimes its sooner and sometimes its later, depending on things going on in my personal life (Liz wants to watch a movie or friends want to hang out). I used to sleep until 7am just about every day and always woke up feeling lethargic and wanting to go back to bed. I would be grumpy and my wife and kids hated being around me.

  2. After I get organized in the morning and get ready to head out for the day and train others, I always start my day with a green shake (click here for what I take) and my micronutrient pill pack. Getting those in have truly helped me stay healthy. I started doing this in December and (knock on wood) I haven't got sick all winter. I used to always worry about macronutrients and never about micronutrients. I DO NOT get enough veggies in each day, so this is a great way to help supplement. My mindset has changed and my gut has never felt better.

  3. Depending on the day (whether I am up at 4 or 7am), I get a big breakfast in. If I am up at 4, I usually wait until 8am to eat. I always go for a bunch of eggs, meat and a piece of toast. I also go for a bunch of coffee, as well. I used to always wake up and eat right away, but have found that I can start with my green shake and pills, and then eat later. I NEVER miss breakfast. It tastes way too good and sets the stage for my day.

  4. My hydration is another key component that keeps me going. It is very rare where you will find me without my Yeti in hand. I carry around the 30 ounce cup and try to drink from that all day. I shoot for 150 ounces of straight water every day. Nothing else in there, just WATER. I sweat a lot, so I need to replenish. If I want to get stronger, hydration is vital in food processing within the gut and also in muscle development/recovery.

  5. I shoot for two hours a day of fitness related education. Obviously not everyone is reading about developing a training business and helping clients, but you should be learning everyday in your field.

  6. I spend around an hour each day working out. I hardly miss a day and strength train 5 days a week. If I don't get in a solid strength training day, I will go for a long walk. If I don't have time to go for a long walk, I will find a way to mobilize and stretch. I go off how my body feels and go from there. If I am extremely sore, I will spend a ton of time with my Mobi and a foam roller. I also utilize ice baths every once and a while if my lower body is extremely sore (10-15 minutes of chill time in the tub).

  7. The last item I consider a routine is pre and post workout nutrition. I usually workout an hour after I eat "lunch". I consume a large salad with tons of protein. I try to do this everyday to keep my greens up and my protein consumption up. You can get a salad anywhere and they are easy to make at home, as well. They don't require a microwave or any other set up. Lastly, I consume a protein shake immediately following my workout. I utilize Phormula 1 from 1st Phorm right now and love it. I mix it with their ignition (spikes insulin and helps with muscle growth). I used to utilize the cheapest protein I could find and thought it was ok. Terrible decision. I workout hard and post workout nutrition is huge in seeing changes, so invest some money in a good protein that is made the right way. I don't get bubble guts from it and love that I mix with water and nothing else to keep it low calorie.

Now that you have read about our routines, we hope that at least one of these items can help you in your journey. Feel free to reach us at anytime (email, social media, in person). We are here to help you. If you made it this far in the post, thank you for taking the time. Lastly, if anything sounds like it might help you, let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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