Why Working Out Is Therapeutic, But It Must Also Be Fun!

When I (Jackie) was little, my mom regularly attending a jazzercise class at a local studio in my home town. At the time my sisters were both in middle school and neither of my brothers were born. Since my mom didn’t have a sitter, I always went along. Typically, this studio didn’t allow kids. However, I proved to be very good and very quiet, so the instructor allowed me to sit in the back corner and watch. As time went by, I had observed their routine so much I had it memorized. There were even a couple songs where I was allowed to jump up and join in. Somewhere around age 4 the instructor surprised me with a leotard, tights, high socks and belt that matched her exactly! This WAS the 80's. She told me that I could wear it and match her, but I had to get on stage and help her teach. At that moment I didn't realize I was exercising. I was having fun! Looking back on it, I realize why I love the world of fitness so much. It is FUN for me!